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beautiful boobs

black pants

damn those strong diamante bra straps...

  • Paul Ellis

    Thanks guys. I like boobs...they are beautiful. I have a wife and children and I know how people feel about sexism and porn and bla blah blah but hey i agree with Carly. These are the things I one said i had to post pics of hair and beauty ... thats not what Im interested in . I dont knock you when you put up pics of hairstyles and say these belong on a hair site now do I??? You have every right not to look at my board, but dont become all high and mighty saying they belong somewhere else....beautiful boobs are everywhere- celebrate or get lost- up to you

  • Sean Finlay

    Celebrate the body I say .. male or female! ... none of these images seem too graphic..damn the prudes.. ! and keep on Pinning Paul..

  • Paul Ellis


  • Alyssa Loder

    I was never putting down anyone's likes or dislikes, yes these boobs are beautiful and you have every right to post what you want when you want. I simply didn't understand how it belonged in the category "heath and beauty" breast augmentation photos and provocative swim suit photos have seemed to be quite popular in this category the last couple days. Personally I think it's better suited for a category such as "other" when I look under hair and beauty I wanna find hair,make-up,nails ect not bikini photo after bikini photo. I didn't mean to offend anyone, and I definitely didn't portray any disgust towards anyone for posting this! As for the random comment considering no I do not know who any of you are, welcome to a public pin board that's what it's for. Pinterest just sent out the new terms and conditions encouraging people to comment because that's how this site works.

  • Sean Finlay

    I understand where your coming from Alyssa... its all good..

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