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divine photo by Aurelio Gomez 2008, succulents and cactus

Cactus garden with rocks and pebbles

the sunlight looks amazing on these succulents and cacti

Red leaf paddle plants (Kalanchoe luciae)

Some great ceramic pots with mixed plantings, including succulents - with a touch of rustic wood

Wall of Succulents

Hanging basket of Graptoveria Fred Ives and Graptopetalum Paraguayense.

Euphorbia abdelkuri variegated 'DAMASK'

The desert rose plant, Adenium obesum var socotranum, is found only on the isolated island of Socotra, part of an archipelago in the Indian Ocean. #nature

Cererus grenadensis

Blooming Flower Cactus | blooming cactus -- cactus flower cacti flowers exotic catchycolors ...

POT OF SENECIO FULLERI.Both red and white flowering species.

Bolivicereus samaipatanus