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Amarillo Canario!!

"Yo pienso, cuando me alegro Como un escolar sencillo, En el canario amarillo,- ¡Que tiene el ojo tan negro!" José Martí

Picture of a Northern Dutch Frilled Canary

Canary Amigurumi by ~e1fy on deviantART

Gloster's Fancy Canary..... reminds of Moe ( Larry and Curly fame)I had one of these at one time they sing so beautiful...I gave all mine back to breeder on his word he would leave them in flight cage with the breeders I couldn't get over feeling guilty about the cages...they were born to inherit the sky..ya know?

Canary Diamond Engagement Ring available at Houston Jewelry!

Tiki bird is a yellow Canary like this one-sings his head off!

Greenfinch-Canary Mule bird (c. 1903-1917)

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canary yellow PC916

yellow bird

yellow bird