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O.O Creepy!!!

I don’t think I’d ever surf again…

Zombie Road, Missouri (alleged to be very haunted)..My daughter lives in come I've never been there?

I am completely paralyzed and will not sleep tonight. Nor tomorrow night. Nor...

Original video. Creepy gnome terrorizes South American town - YouTube.

AAAHHHH! Real Ghost Photos

AAAHHHH! Real Ghost Photos

you'll know it when you see it

funny demotivational posters, when you see it meme - Dump A Day

wow that was creepy...

Those poor souls…

I wouldn't go camping alone in the first place. Isn't there a rule about that in scary movies 101...?

Creepy Things Kids Say To Their Parents. You have to read through all of these. Trying to remember if I ever said anything this creepy.

Creepy Things Kids Say To Their Parents

Something dark in a corner can be very scary.. a wicked witch, demo or ghoul? What is she? Great decoration to haunt the inside of your house for Halloween #hauntedhouse #witch #wickedwitch #ghoul #demon #black #halloween #halloweendecorations wik

Well this is the creepiest thing I heard...creepy creepy creepy.

Myrtles Plantation St. Francisville, Louisiana.

My Wonderland. Through the Looking Glass. Mirror Portal.