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Painted Pumpkin - One Stroke Folk Art painting method

Arts by the Kickapoo: Painted Pumpkins

Everything you must know about Gourd Crafting is on this Beginner Guide... You can download it on your computer FREE!

Hummingbird by Carrie Dearring

GourdMaster Transparent Acrylics

Gourd Crafting techniques Carving and Inlay. The picture doesn't look like much but the link leads you to a very interesting web site all about Gourd Art. There are some incredible photos of work in progress finished Gourds of all types + a lot of links for supplies tools. Worth a GOOD look ;)

Gourd Crafting techniques Carving and Inlay

Large gourd pitcher (k. Barbieri)

Amazing Gourd Art by Christy Barajas, using the NEW "Oriental Leaves and Flowers" pack

Welburn Gourd Farm|Gourds

Snowman Gourd with Birdhouse Hand Painted Gourd by FromGramsHouse, $28.00

Hand Painted Barn Owl on Pumpkin Gourd on Etsy, $50.00

HouseOfGourds on Etsy, | Hand Painted Green Cottage Birdhouse Gourd by HouseOfGourds

Bird House Gourd Mint Green Field Flowers by HouseOfGourds on Etsy, $25.00

Baby Birds Nest Bird House Gourd by HouseOfGourds on Etsy, $24.00

Hand Painted Blue Cottage Bird House Gourd by HouseOfGourds, $27.00

Bird House Gourd Hand Painted Lavender Field by HouseOfGourds, $26.00

Vegetable Gourd