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2014 Pawtucket Summer Reading-Grades K-2

Pawtucket School Department 2014 Suggested Summer Reading List for Grades K-2. Includes: Folk & Fairy Tales, Informational Books, Picture Books, Beginning to Read Books, Chapter Books, Poems, Riddles & Songs, and Nursery Rhymes

Series: Join Dink, Josh and Ruth Rose in solving mysteries that all start with a letter of the alphabet.

Retells the segment from Spenser's The Faerie Queene, in which George, the Red Cross Knight, slays the dreadful dragon that has been terrorizing the countryside for years and brings peace and joy to the land.

Brother Rabbit and Chameleon teach a greedy king the importance of generosity and friendship.

A cumulative tale of a farm maiden who, aided by a group of animals, prepares "Arroz con Leche," or rice pudding. Includes recipe and glossary of the Spanish words that are woven throughout the text.

Presents the classic tale of three youngsters who are careless with their mittens, but who turn out to be good little kittens after all.

Encore -- Three little kittens / Jerry Pinkney.

Presents more than sixty traditional nursery rhymes, including "Old Mother Hubbard," "I'm a Little Teapot," and "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe," accompanied by illustrations of various animals.

Characters from nursery rhymes populate this tale, which highlights the colorful aspects of the familiar poems. Includes a key to the nursery rhymes referenced in the story.

A collection of 30 lullabies and nursery rhymes performed by children, men and women from Haiti, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Reunion celebrate the culture and sound of the tropical islands, in a volume complemented by informative facts and lyrics in French Creole and English.

A collection of traditional rhymes and lullabies from different countries.

A collection of more than two dozen nursery rhymes in Spanish, from Spain and Latin America, with English translations.

A collection of poems for children with the various themes of self, family, going outside, and when it is time for bed.

A collection of short poems which, when reversed, provide new perspectives on the fairy tale characters they feature.

An illustrated collection of poems for children about various sports activities.

Bursting with color and spirit, this collection of Latin-American songs is a tribute to Latino culture. From traditional tunes to rhymes and hand games, "De Colores" has songs for all occasions and moods. Each is accompanied by a simple musical arrangement, with lyrics in both English and Spanish.

Encore -- José-Luis Orozco canta De colores [sound recording].

First published in a different form as Buggy riddles (1986), Snakey riddles (1990), Spacey riddles (1992) by Dial Books for Young Readers, a division of Penguin Young Readers Group