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This site is actually very cool. Type in your favorite book and it will list 20 others similar to it. :) This could be life-changing!!

"Every woman should read this...and every mother should give it to their daughters!"- A. Cascos

The 1958 short story was expanded into a full novel in 1966 by Harcourt Brace, and Bantam paperback in '68.

800 words about James and Sirius written for charity. Free on Goodreads. Haven't read it yet, but pinning so I don't forget!

This is so cool!! Type in a book or author you like and it will give you a list of similar books/authors that you may enjoy. I'm bookmarking this one :)

Because books are almost always more amazing than the movies. Even the really great movies.

"What day is it?" asked Pooh. "It's today," squeaked Piglet. "My favorite day," said Pooh.

I pretty much love all the books by Tom Clancy. This is my favorite, though.

Karen Marie Moning - Highlander series. Yuuummmm!