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PLUM LANDING, a PBS KIDS website, uses animations, videos, online games and hands-on activities to help 6- to 9-year-olds see their planet from a new perspective!

In this after school pathway, kids see how water moves through a landscape, and how people affect aquatic ecosystems.

Do more outside. Hiking, skiing, kayaking, etc. Enjoy the beauty of nature and all it has to offer.

In this Afterschool Activity, kids explore how the plants and animals in an ecosystem depend on one another. They'll learn about Ecosystems, Biodiversity, Habitats, Weather and Climate.

In this afterschool activity, kids explore biodiversity, not just in the rainforest, but right in their own neighborhood.

In this 1 hour pathway, watch a video about the Australian Desert. Then try a hands-on activity to learn about Evaporation and the Water Cycle.

GOAAAAL!!! It's World Cup time and even Plum is pumped. Go outside and play! #WorldCup #playoutdoors

5 reasons dirt is healthy for kids LOVE this.

Free-Range Kids Book Review. Because, I want to let my kids have the freedom that I had as a kid!!

What steps does your family take to save our planet? Join Clem, Cooper and Brad as they track Plum’s skismo across the open ocean. See what they find when they end up on a deserted isle. @PBS Teachers @PBS Parents #PBSKIDS #nature #family #activity #outdoors

'Like' if you are inspired by nature. Then, join us for another music video sing-along and learn what makes jungles so special! #MotivationalMonday #PBSKIDS #nature #outdoors #family #kids #educators #energy #classroom #afterschool #elementary