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Cool Geocache Containers

owl geocache. I actually have an owl but how do I get it up the tree?? Oh yea, I have a 6', 17 year old ladder!

Snail geocache this one boggles my mind... lol @Bobbi Sheridan Sheridan Sheridan Castagnier

Bottle cap for a geocache..

Creative Caches: Bottling TripCyclone's Genius

I guess you wouldn't have to worry about this #geocache log getting muggled, but it might be hard to replace when it's full.

One idea for a hide ... reflector geocache; also good for hiding a spare key in case you lock yourself out.

Musings about Geocaching: 2008-05-25

I gotta go look for that old phone we had...

A simple textured spray paint transforms this jar. Hide it among granite rocks or concrete and it could be hard to spot.


Cheeky geocache on the end of fishing wire

Place a spare key inside a used pill bottle and close the lid. Next, glue a rock onto the surface of the lid and gently place your bottle in the ground. It could be a window box or your front or back yard for a non-obvious way to prevent a lockout. OR USE AS A CACHE!

Mushroom Nano Micro Cache Geocache geocaching by naturalcaches4u, $5.99

Wow!!! can't say as I've ever found one this big.

this is a cool idea for a cache hide, wow, I want to do a hide like this.

Great one for up around the beach~

This goes with the car cache.

This is so cool!!! The car is the cache container! You can sign your log anywhere inside or outside of the car! No one won't be able to steal this container! lol!

  • Janice Carlton

    Don't be too sure. I placed a cache in an old car that was shot to pieces out in the middle of nowhere. It was dragged off for scrap!

  • Patricia Cousins

    WOW!! That must have been unexpected!!!!