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My Photography Gear

Many of you have asked in the past, so here it is; a complete list of the gear that I use.

85mm f/1.4 Prime - Fantastic portrait lens that renders sensational bokeh and sharp as a tack focus. Great lens overall.

Elinchrom Zoom Spot - Great light for spotlighting. The adjustable degree of light makes nearly all applications work with this light.

Sigma EM-140 DG Ring Flash - This is a huge reason I am able to snag such great macro shots when I shoot macro. Shadows are the devil on close-up work. :)

Gitzo GK3580QR Carbon Fiber Tripod + Ballhead - My go to t-pod. The best I have been able to find anywhere on the planet. Never fails, always performs as designed and is light, light, light. Claims to only support 38lbs of gear, but I've stacked 45lbs on this bad boy with no issue.

Elinchrom Rotolux 40x40 Softbox - These are a couple of my favorites. Use these in pairs of 2 or 4 to achieve fantastic lighting results for larger subject matter.

Sony Alpha NEX7 - Great portable body, add the NEX-Alpha lens adaptor and you have a compact solution for those days when your too damn tired to lug the pro gear around with you...

Elinchrom 2400 RX (x2) - Because unless you gear runs off of smiles and rainbows, you don't have a choice but to hook into a portable power source when on location. This one is the best as far as I am concerned.

Digital RX 2400 Power Pack

Promise Pegasus 8TB R4 RAID Tower (Thunderbolt) for photo storage. Expensive? Yeah. As expensive as my previous USB storage device that failed after I paid to have all the "lost" images pulled from it by a third party geek squad of pseudo rapists who took me to the bank? Nope.

Macbook Pro, 2.5ghz Quad Core i7, 8GB RAM setup - Best device on the planet for tethered shooting in the field & editing on the fly. Makes life at least 3% better....

Sony A900 Body (x2) - If you are wondering why I use Sony instead of Nikon or Canon, the easiest answer for most folks to digest is, well, because I can.