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And now, a deep moment from Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz.

Some of my personal favorites (Liz Climo) - Imgur

Royals/Greenbean Nash Grier Tee - AV's Boutique - Skreened T-shirts Lol

It’s hard to argue with this girl’s Powerpoint

Guess The 90's All Level Answers

Dave Franco just became one of my favourite people...

You're welcome Zayn girls :)<< Im a Louis girl and I am DOWN ON THE FLOOR CHOKING ON MY FEELS

LETS GET THIS SPOON EVERYWHERE! Tag your state! <<< Julia Pennsylvania <<< Savannah-Ohio <<< AZ <<< Rose Wisconsin <<< Texas <<< Emily Schalk - Indiana <<< New Mexico <<< Indiana <<< uk,kent <<< UK,WestSussex <<< Australia <<< Grand Rapids Michigan <<< Indiana <<< California <<< kayley-i haven't got a state coz im in England :D <<< Texas <<< Michigan!<< Alaska>>Illinois>>> Ashli California❤️

This is awesome! Wayyy better then pushing it