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Instacube Stream Parties

Thank you for the support! "Guys, this is my friend's product that just launched today on Kickstarter! It's called the Instacube, and it's designed to be a passive and beautiful way to display all of your various photo feeds from Instagram. The 7.5-inch cube automatically retrieves and showcases Instagrams taken by you, your friends, or "popular users" from the cloud, and displays them on a beautiful 6.5-inch square LCD touchscreen. Check it out, back it on KS, share it with friends, and REPIN!"

Wake up to sunrises pushed from your friends around the world to your @instacube!

The @Instacube @Kickstarter Landing Image! The Page is finally complete :)!

This is the official Instacube Logo! We launch on August 21st!