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Bluetooth sticker to locate items real quick. Now wont lose car keys, remote, dog or cat.

VTech’s popular Retro Phone series just added a new feature: cell phone connectivity. Link the $80 VTech Retro Phone with Connect to Cell (model LS6191-17) to your cell phone via Bluetooth and leave the cell phone where you get a good signal. Now you can answer both landline and cell calls with the VTech phone, which passes Caller ID info to the cordless handset as well as the base--both of which can be used as speakerphones.

Gotta Get One: Paint buddy by Rubbermaid ~ empty remainder can of paint into the paint buddy and touch up when ever you need to

Rifle that fits inside its own stock. Waterproof.

WHERE CAN I FIND YOU!?!?! I must have him. I love him and I want him now.

Bronze Alice In Wonderland Real Door Knob Disney Disneyland Movie Prop Replica @amber dupler

plug these into an outlet and they'll pick up the signal from your ipod ... play music throughout the house

Bra Case for traveling. Seriously, where has this been all my life?

Swiss Army Knife iPhone Case

Pattern: Teapot cozy Two of my favorite things rolled into one.... :)

The Top Battery Operated Items To Keep For An Emergency

"The Warmth of a Hug! -- Stress, period cramps and pain are dealt in an emotional and non-invasive manner." by Park Jinmi & Kwak Jinsub