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  • Dahlia Bryant

    Um... okay then lori

  • Jax

    lmao...Lorie stepped away from her keyboard with either a cat or toddler left alone in the room.

  • Lorie Hebert

    oh wow, from a year ago??!?! how funny.. it was my 7 yr old... my apologies ladies :)

  • Dahlia Bryant

    Haha!! I can understand that. Lol

  • Jax

    lol I get it...believe me I do

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Foo Fighters

If your mans not your number one fan, he's not your man.

I love how the term used for women who would be a shoe-in for "the bad girls club" is now used for women who aren't sweet and soft spoken all the time. You pounce on my family, my faith or something that I believe STRONGLY on the contrary- you'll see my inner beast.