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Cats and books. Two of the best things in the world.

Glorfindel: Captain of Gondor, Saved Turgon, Killed a Balrog in single combat, Prophesied the Witch King would not be slain by a man, saved Frodo from all nine nazgul, led the armies of Rivendell... completely left out of the movies so we'd care about Arwen. [repinning this twice 'cause I can]

I'm Team 'Don't Read Crappy Books'

I love this quote.

Love the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris. Must reads if you love anything supernatural!

Biography of Vivien Leigh. Probably my favorite actress of all time. Goes deeper than Scarlet O'Hara and mental illness. Portrait of a sensitive, generous, and loving woman.

Shanghai Girls by Lisa See. Cultural story of two girls who immigrated to the US from China.

The Pilots Wife.

Interview with the Vampire: Book 1 Of The Vampire Chronicles