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A very rare picture of a beautiful young girl on the chair, who is being looked after by a beautiful nursemaid who only appears to be about 10years old herself. This picture compells you to wonder about both their lives. How they lived, and what they did together.

A Young Girl and her Nursemaid

Photograph, The Rosebud Garden of Girls - 1868

Vintage Ephemera: children

Photograph, group of boys in uniforms- 1893

Vintage Ephemera: children

Photographs, two girls with umbrella - 1864

Vintage Ephemera: children

Photograph, Gardener's Daughter - 1867

Vintage Ephemera: children

Photograph woman and sleeping child - 1865

Vintage Ephemera: children
  • Micah Rogier

    this looks like memento mori-- the mortality rate was so high for children back then and photos were a good way to remember the child--since photography was still so expensive that most people couldn't afford it--so the deceased was posed to look like they were still alive. It sounds really weird and macabre until you realize that most people didn't even have enough money to get a photo taken for their wedding, so a memorial shot may be the only photo they'd have, especially of a young child

Photograph of posed angelic woman - 1874

Vintage Ephemera: angels

Children at puppet show, Russia, 1921 From the catalog of The Museum of Puppet Theater, Moscow. (It's a Russian-language publication so more info will come as I get translations!)