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Happiness Jar Project

Homemade happiness jars (an idea by Elizabeth Gilbert) to be filled with inspiration, joy, tiny bits of paper with things that make you happy. Sharing ideas to make your own Happiness Jar and photos of Happiness Jars.

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Happiness Jar Project

  • 49 Pins

My Happiness Jar! Daily gratitude :)

What Will Fill Your Happiness Jar in 2014? 1. Get a really cool jar. 2. Each day add a little note of the best moment of that day. 3. Repeat each day in 2014. 4. Reap the benefits of being grateful and happy in 2014.

The Happiness Jar. Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the book Eat, Pray, Love posted on her wall about this Happiness Jar project she started where she would write things that made her happy that day on little notes and drop them into a huge glass jar. She would do so everyday til the jar becomes overflowing with happiness... - So go find yourself a jar now! MAY YOUR JARS OVERFLOWETH! :)

Happiness jar...write down each thing that brings you happiness throughout the year on a post it note and put it in a mason jar...then at the end of the year look back at everything that made you happy that year!!

  • Donna Hanton

    My husband & I are doing it for this year. Funny but having a reason to put something in the jar makes us almost as happy as what we are writing about. Can't wait for New Year's!

  • Salima Benali

    What a cool idea!

happiness jar | put happy memories in the jar at the start of new year / birthday and read them all later | joodyjoods

2013 happy moments jar

Happiness in a Jar?

How to use your Happiness Jar :)

Happy Jar.

The HAPPY Jar Started today!!!!

  • Peg Fitzpatrick

    I don't think I could, @elviramante but you could I guess.

  • Carrie Hsu

    You can exchange the jar with your friend or use it as a gift. Or you can take out all the papers and put them all into a box so you have free jars available

  • Autumn Mansell

    Elvira i was thinking about doing a scrap book of the notes and put dif pics u may have of an event u wrote about ect.

Another Happiness Jar...

Perfect Happiness Jars ~ Stained Glass Mason Jars - Set of 6 - By The Sea

happiness jar

Start a new tradition and create a Happiness jar.

I made a Happiness Jar today to write down the good things in 2013 =] I hope I run out of storage space for the paper slips! Re-purposed from a single-serve powdered drink container.

HAPPY JAR! write down a happy memory and put it in the jar. want to do one for each of my girls.

2013 HAPPINESS JAR 1. Get a really cool jar. 2. Each day add a little note of the best moment of that day. 3. Repeat each day in 2013. 4. Reap the benefits of being greatful and happy in 2013.

Wednesday it was my 47 ' birthday... and I offered me an Happiness Jar for my new year to begin. Since I am French I have been looking for a translation of "Happiness Jar", my final choice was "Compotée de petits bonheurs"... "Confiture de sourires", "Confit de bonheur" ou "Bocal à bonheur" were other options... well french friends of Liz you the most welcome :) Thank you so much Liz for your books, you really changed my life in the past two years ! Bisous from France. Annie

Happiness Jar

Happiness Jar