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Theda Bara will kill you--WITH MIND BULLETS! And if that doesn't work: SNAKE TITTIES!

Theda Bara gettin' frisky with a skeleton.

Montague Burton Catalogue, 1934 | Retronaut. Now *here's* a look I could rock all day, every day.

Roll derby babes go waaaaaaaaay back! So do crazy cat ladies. Here, we see the conflation of both.

Dr, Scott's Electric FLESH Brush...for quick and easy removal of all that nasty flesh from your stainless-steel exoskeleton.

I have always LOVED the gorgeous art-deco Empire State panel in the Empire State Building.

Shorpy Historical Photo Archive :: Market Street, Philadelphia: 1910. Philly's always been a filthy cesspool, but at one time it was at least a *beautiful* filthy cesspool.

Folkstone Beach, 18th September 1906. Oh, baby--show me them ankles, you slatternly trollop, you!

Nothing gives you that healthy, beautiful sheen like radium! Even your melanomas will look SPECTACULAR!

1920s Glamour. I *think* that might be Theda Bara, but I'm not sure.

Storefront in Le Avenue des GobelinsII, Paris, 1925. I'm using this as a fashion guide for shopping for some new school clothes.

Pittsburgh slums,1938. Probably Wilkinsburg or Garfield...maybe the South Side Slopes. And guess what? Those places still look the same today!

New York, 1921. "Victor record display, New York Band Instrument Co. window." Over two dozen Nippers here by my count, as well as some handsome Victrolas in the kind of place that was the Apple Store of its day.

The *original* Watchmen, 1923: (l-to-r standing) Big Scout, Lady Lovecraft, The Moth-Madame, Scullery-Maid, Cersei Lannister, Mrs. George Cupcake, Tulippa the Dutch Devil; (l-to-r seated) Le Petomaine, "Magic" Mike, Herr Doktor Pirat, Big Scout's sidekick Medium Scout, and El Guapo.