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vagina art car by lomokev, via Flickr

In search of sexual symbolism in medieval art, I find Wound of Christ, Psalter and Prayer book of Bonne de Luxembourg (1345). “… In this image, Christ’s wound is both seal and vagina …” —Constructing Medieval Sexuality. I did a couple weeks of research into the sexual symbolism of certain instances of the divine wound for a paper but then I got too unnerved and weirded out and changed the topic.

vagina sweet vagina

georgia o'keeffe - black iris. what's an art pin board without the infamous vagina flower? i'll always love georgia o'keeffe.


Cunt live without you

Cunt Coloring Book

jellyfish vagina explosion

V is for Vagina! Hahaha. kn

china_vagina_cave - erotic rocks

Christa Gebhardt, creepy vagina sculpture

chicken vagina

Romanesque vagina - Vagina románica. Cantabria. Spain

mujer vagina

Yep that is what you think it is!! Ha Ha Ha!!