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raised patio planter with covers. I bet we could DIY something like this. It would sure make gardening a lot easier for me if it was easy to reach. Would be gorgeous on the deck!

This gorgeous garden was made using repurposed pallets ~~Lღve n Peace~~ Michele

raised garden, Vegtrug "The V-shape makes efficient use of space and planting mix — grow deep-rooted plants like tomatoes in the center, shallow-rooted crops like salad greens along the edges."

8 raised bed garden ideas | Insert the hoops | To cover newly planted seedlings with bird netting or season-extending row covers, simply bend two 6-foot pieces of ½-inch PVC pipe to form semi-circles, and slip their ends into the 1-inch pipes inside the bed. Then drape the bird netting or row covers over them.

Raised garden beds how to - Finley and Oliver... so pretty... I want this in my backyard

Homestead Survival: A new way to make watering raised garden beds efficient and easy DIY Perfect idea for our side yard garden.

Instant Taps for Your Raised Garden Beds Gardenista. I havent told Jer about the new raised beds i have planned .... Yet!

Seeds started in a cupcake tin, perfect, I need to hit some garage sales. Once plants have germinated place the paper & plant in soil. What a good idea! The roots wouldn't be damaged while transplanting!

RF Orchids - hidden away in the Redlands...the most amazingly beautiful place...

RF Orchids "Blue Bird"

Ghost Orchid in Florida Corkscrew Swamp