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A Little Bit Of Luck

Real estate and superstition. How you can bring a little bit of luck to your home.

The kitchen witch is found in the folk lore of many cultures. In Germany, a witch in the house is said to bring good luck Kitchen Witch by ReidsWeeds

Nine round and dried pieces of orange peel placed around the corners of your living room will not only IMMEDIATELY begin absorbing all and any negativity and bad luck but will also allow for a positive transformation to greater fortunes and better luck! Leave the dried peels in place for 24 hours and then dispose of them anywhere outside the house! This secret Feng Shui cure is juicy!

Horseshoes are often hung on doors or above doors, in the hope that it will provide luck to those within, as well as providing luck to those who enter and leave. ~ Hopefully a lucky bird will enjoy this house :)

A leprechaun house! Apparently the Irish build these outside of their homes to bring good luck!

Do you know that Acorns symbolism the GOOD LUCK ? It's an emblem of luck,prosperity,youthfulness and power.

Buddha Statues! Rub the belly for luck!

Chinese porcelain sleeping pig in the house for luck!

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KANNER ARCHITECTS - An "elephant in the room" can bring a lot of luck to your home.

Friday the 13th - Lucky For Real Estate? Try a St. Joseph statue and bury it in the yard