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Is That Sarcasm? Enhanced Lesson Plan for Irony, Satire, and Parody, Printables, SlidesThis is a great lesson for English Language ArtsIntroduc...

Do you need inference task cards at different reading levels? This collection includes 40 inference task cards, two inference learning center games, and three bonus worksheets. The entire document reviews different types of inferences students make while reading. The 20 Level A task cards are for first through second grade levels. The other 20 Level B task cards are for third through fifth grade level readers. The entire document is aligned to Common Core Standards R.L.1. and R.I.1.

Grade 5 Graphic Organizers, Progress Forms, Wall Charts, and Question Answering Frames for EVERY ELA Literature and Informational Text Standard! $10.00

4th Grade ELA Data Tracking Binder with Common Core "I can" kid language checklists, graphs for students to track their learning, Marzano's assess yourself rubrics and posters, AR charts, Dibels charts and more!!!

In this non-fiction activity students will unscramble 8 sentences and then copy and print each sentence. Each sentence is a fact about one of the planets. $

Word Detective A lesson on prefixes and suffixes Available as PDF on my blog.

2nd grade - Help your students and their families understand the concepts of the Common Core Reading Standards with this set of discussion questions for home and the classroom. $

Strike Telling Time Game Aligns with CCSS 2. MD.7

28% off today with code BTS12! Use Powerful Language-Strong Verbs Unit! Based on common core standaards! This a two week (or more) Writing unit based on Common Core Writing Standards, grade 1-5. Use this unit to promote ...

28% off today with code BTS12! Use Powerful language-Adjectives Unit! Teach your students to use adjectives and descriptive sentences to add details to their writing. A two-week (or more) unit t...

I have included both color owls and black/white owls in the same styles (three different varieties). The black and white ones are great for kids to...

$3 Are you looking for a way to introduce a discussion about the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights into your planning? Looking for a way to teach "Constitution Day" in your Social Studies curriculum? Students must read, analyze, and explain the ten amendments in the Bill of Rights (you can mix-and-match if needed). Students must also imagine a nation without these rights to protect its citizens. They will then explain how they believe life in America would differ without these protections

Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas! Newest Product ~ Bundled Eight Addition Center Games For Common Core Standards

I have included both color owls and black/white owls in the same styles (three different varieties). The black and white ones are great for kids to...

Periodic Table Homework. This is a set of homework questions on the periodic table. Students answer questions about groups and periods, valence electrons and valence shells, metals and nonmetals, atomic radii, energy levels and sublevels. This could be used as a quiz or for test review. $