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Bleach Pen to draw a design on a t-shirt

Katis: Bleach Pen

DIY Pledge Glitter Ornaments

My first artist's journal and blog: Making a watercolor travel kit

SAS Interiors_Spring Wreath_3

Italic Variants Calligraphy by Sheila Waters

Craft sticks, boiled in water for 15-20 min., will bend into cups and then become bracelets. fun....then paint and decorate. We are doing this today.

How to achieve the perfect folded edge on a circle, -this is a fantastic trick.

Coloring Eggs - Use Shaving Cream and food coloring (dark colors) - roll in shaving cream let sit, wipe off. Very Cool! I will have to remember this come Easter!

Make your own 50-hour candles for less than 2 dollars a piece.

Chainmaille Helm Instructions 1. Close 4 small jumprings 2. Add 2 larger rings 3. Separate small rings and add 1 large ring 4. Add second large ring 5. Link 1 large ring to one side and add 2 small rings 6. Add one more large ring on other side and repeat 5-6 to finish

How to ladder stitch a stuffing hole closed to give a smooth and neat finish. Need to know for torn stuffed animals and pillows!