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Priscilla of Boston STYLE 1602

Priscilla of Boston STYLE PB401

  • perry milo

    dig the color! although.. is it just me or does the material look like its seen better days? is it just not pressed well? otherwise, love!

  • Carly Chornobil

    yeah, it needs to be ironed or something...

perfect mint ruffle dress - click and check out the back (dying!)

another bridesmaids idea (different color for you, obvs, @Carly Chornobil)

Lela Rose Style LR102

Alfred Sung Style D461

Lela Rose Bridesmaids Style LR140XX

Lela Rose Bridesmaids Style LR132

  • perry milo

    this one and LR 140 are my faves!!

  • Carly Chornobil

    I agree, I really like those two dresses. What colors do you like them in? I also like the gold JLM couture dress you posted.

  • perry milo

    Just saw this comment!I think it looks pretty yummy in purple (plus it would probs work with metallics)...I pretty much like every color except nude,orange, and yellow

Alfred Sung Style D470

Social Bridesmaids Style 8109

Lela Rose Bridesmaids Style LR153

Gorgeous Grecian-style dress. Beautiful detail around the neck and waist. $128

more candles in water for ya

i like the twisting of the front

Blue dress $242.60

  • perry milo

    This one is really fab! Did u and Jenna see anything like it on ur searches?ps make her join pinterest and get in on this board!

love the general shape and the 1-shoulder