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Email Marketing is still a powerful form of marketing. They say "the money is in the list". This infographic shows the value of a newsletter | www.socialmediama...

How to Reduce Email Spam Complaints

A quick and easy way to create visual content for your blog and social media posts - including how to create images for content you want to share to Pinterest that have no images in the original article

"Chances are, you are already creating blog content each day and not realizing it. Each email you write to answer questions and give support to customers or potential customers can become a blog article. This type of content keeps it real and offers others with similar questions the chance to gain from your expertise. Creating brand new content from scratch may not be necessary when you repurpose emails. Save time. Repurpose." - Michael Hartzell #blogfor30

"Each blog post should have a purpose. Whether it's to educate, entertain, or a little bit of both, you must understand the endgame behind your content. Avoid self-promotional blogs, and focus on how your post will provide value to your target audience." - Connor MacNeil #blogfor30

"Newsjack stories and relate them to your industry. People like to read about stuff they understand. For instance, as a hiring company, we've written stories like 'How to Draft Your Perfect Team' during the NFL football draft." - Erin Borgerson #blogfor30

"Get yourself motivated by keeping a 'Blog Journal' next to your computer. If you have a random blog idea in your head, write it down! Later, you can go to your computer and plug it in. We like to pre-plan 30 days out and plug our blogs into our calendar so it pings us as a reminder to write the blog or that it is posting that day." - Kalen Arreola #blogfor30

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