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Mastectomy Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo ideas for scar coverage and nipple replacement. Send more to

If you slid this up it could make an amazing side/chest tattoo. Great to cover scars. Mastectomy tattoo. Maybe use pink instead of red! Love this! ( )

Rachel was diagnosed at age 24. She designed this tattoo to reflect her battle, he strengths, her love and her life. Beautiful lace wings with Maltese cross and pink ribbon. Mastectomy tattoo. Scar cover tattoo ( )

Butterfly chest piece. Mastectomy tattoo. Scar covering tattoo. I think many woman who have gone through mastectomy feel that they have changed and grown new wings : ) ( )

Jennifer Sykes' story? Inspiring. "The 8 branches symbolize the 8 dose dense chemo cycles that I went through. The 8 cherry blossoms symbolize that even as my physical body was changed forever by chemo, my inner soul strengthened and bloomed each time. The bows are my interpretation of the pink ribbon. They symbolize all of the many gifts that have come into my life since cancer...(my tattoos) remind me each day to simply be thankful to be alive." (Art: www.melissazimmer...) []

Mermaid tattoo for mastectomy tattoo or scar coverage- maybe incorporate shells or flowers for opposite side of chest. ( )

Mastectomy tattoo. Scar coverage tattoo. ( neat placement!

This beautiful rose design could be altered to be used to cover mastectomy scars. (

These beautiful flowers on this arm piece could serve as inspiration for a tattoo to cover mastectomy scars. (

This amazing peacock arm tattoo could be used as a chest piece to cover mastectomy scars. (

Best cool idea for mastectomy tattoo or scar cover tattoo. Customize with words that express your journey! ( )

Although this is a back tattoo- it could make a beautiful chest tattoo. Mastectomy tattoo. Scar coverage.many great options with design. (

Watercolor dandelion. Colorful way to cover up mastectomy scars. Mastectomy tattoo. Scar cover tattoo. ( )

Even though this is a henna tattoo, the design would be perfect to hid mastectomy scars.

Great mastectomy tattoo or scar cover up- endless possibilities with color, shape, and flow! ( )

Peacock Feathers - great idea for a post mastectomy tattoo to cover scars- you can make the feather flow where ever your scars go. ( )

This beautiful chrysanthemum flower could be used to cover mastectomy scars. The colors are simply brilliant. (

Beautiful sunflower tattoo to cover mastectomy scars or serve as a nipple tattoo. (

I personally love stars. I already have one tattooed on my body. The scrolls could help hide mastectomy scars and the stars are a little different. (