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Mastectomy Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo ideas for scar coverage and nipple replacement. Send more to

Beautiful, intricate tattoo. Great for scar coverage or mastectomy tattoo ( )

Although this is a back tattoo- it could make a beautiful chest tattoo. Mastectomy tattoo. Scar coverage.many great options with design. (

Watercolor dandelion. Colorful way to cover up mastectomy scars. Mastectomy tattoo. Scar cover tattoo. ( )

Beautiful tattoo- flip sides and this would make a wonderful mastectomy tattoo. Good for scar cover up also. ( )

Even though this is a henna tattoo, the design would be perfect to hid mastectomy scars.

Great mastectomy tattoo or scar cover up- endless possibilities with color, shape, and flow! ( )

Peacock Feathers - great idea for a post mastectomy tattoo to cover scars- you can make the feather flow where ever your scars go. ( )

This beautiful chrysanthemum flower could be used to cover mastectomy scars. The colors are simply brilliant. (

Beautiful sunflower tattoo to cover mastectomy scars or serve as a nipple tattoo. (

I personally love stars. I already have one tattooed on my body. The scrolls could help hide mastectomy scars and the stars are a little different. (

This beautiful back tattoo could be altered or serve as an inspiration for a mastectomy tattoo (

The lotus flower grows from muddy water yet remains unsoiled. The lotus flower also represents new beginnings-what a great idea for a MASTECTOMY tattoo!! ( )

Beautiful and vibrant breast tattoo, great for scar coverage, and showing your personality!

This elegant lace piece by Ryan Manske in Milwaukee is a gorgeous inspiration for a mastectomy tattoo. []

Gorgeous bamboo has a way of flowing elegantly across the body for an inspiring mastectomy tattoo idea. From Nancy Klein's tattoo portfolio. Galway Bay Tattoo in Galway, Ireland. []

Gorgeous chrysanthemum. Love this as inspiration for a mastectomy tattoo. From Galway Bay Tattoo in Galway, Ireland. []

  • Haley Wood

    That's a chrysanthemum, not a rose. Traditional in Japanese tattooing.

  • / Personal Ink

    Good catch. Absolutely right! Turns out that's artist's name, not the artwork name.

Got style? A clever creative eye? Put it to work and change the culture of healing from breast cancer. is seeking guest pinners who can find and post unique and inspiring mastectomy tattoos or clever tattoo ideas to our boards here: Is this you? Message us or email: []

Beautiful tattoo on survivor Deanna Cummaro. By tattoo artist Kelly Torres. Photographer Tina Quatroni. Click through to Inked Magazine for the full story. []

Great story in Inked Magazine about how a mastectomy tattoo brought three women together. Tattoo artist Kelly Torres, cancer ass-kicker Deanna Cummaro, photographer Tina Quatroni. Here's a look at the early stages of Cummaro's tattoo. []

Gorgeous chest piece that shows that tattoos are a great way to celebrate and adorn yourself, post-mastectomy. []

Wow. So beautiful. Inspiring option for a mastectomy tattoo. []

Levity, whim, creativity. Love this and pretty much everything else by Yann at Black Tattoo in Montreal. Inspiring options for a mastectomy tattoo. []