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Simple, one-pin profiles of some of our favorite breast cancer survivors and tattoo artists.

S.P. from Germany shares how P.INK inspired her to get a breast tattoo: "In May 2013 I decided to tell the disease 'You don't have to come back again! Your place is already occupied!' In a special way... So at least a bad thing turned out to be a good piece of art." If you have a story to share, we'd love to hear from you [].

“I got a tattoo because I wanted to make something beautiful out of what I saw as no longer beautiful. I also couldn’t stomach the idea of having nipples that were going to be nothing like my old ones.” Breast cancer survivor Jessica shares her post-mastectomy tattoo story at #breastcancer

  • Megan Hartman

    Love the peacock! Beautiful!

  • Sarah Hailes

    I know exactly how you feel! I feel like Frankenstein! Beautiful work!

  • Jessica Gray

    Synchronicity - My name is also Jessica, and I am looking to get a peacock/phoenix design once my reconstruction is finished. But I want color. Lots of color.

  • Linda Dalton

    Thank you to all the breast cancer survivors for sharing your stories of triumph! Thank you for all of the beautiful ink to view and find perfect mastectomy tattoos . I have started my double mastectomy tattoo and I would like to add mine to your ink selections!

  • / Personal Ink

    Hi @Linda Dalton. Thanks for your comment. We're so thrilled that you like our design inspirations. We would LOVE to do a pinterview for you. We just have some simple questions we'd like to ask you. If you could email us at, we can chat more there about sharing your story and we can also set up some time for one of our P.INK team members to talk with you over the phone. Again, thanks for reaching out and we'll look for your email! -Jillian

  • Linda Dalton

    I'm finishing my chest tattoo Tuesday. I would like to email a photo to you. I just feel so much better, more beautiful now. I m making a beautiful chest to look at instead of chest that was scarred,deformed, very assymetrical! What a beautiful difference in my spirit! L dalton

  • / Personal Ink

    So exciting. Please send us your pics and your story. We'd love to hear more:

  • Linda Dalton

    Yes, I will send pic Tues when done! It will have taken total 14 hours to do, but WOW!