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Lisa Perrings

Lisa Perrings

I pin what inspires me, that's all.

"You don't get to choose, you just fall in love and you get this person who is all wrong & all right at the same time."

The person who risks nothing has nothing – does nothing. If you choose to allow your fear to inhabit your mind, you will choke, you will cower and you will not rise above it. When we are dying, if we get the chance to reflect, we aren’t thinking about what we did do, we think about what we wanted, who we loved, and what we were too afraid to try. #quotes #inspiration

for in my dreams, you have no end...and in dreams no sadness because I don't get forgotten ..or invisible to you like dreams you remember who I am ..and in dreams you talk and laugh with me like we used to so many years ago ..and in dreams I can stare at your brown eyes and see you whenever I want ..and in dreams the years and years that go by never leave dreams..

brings out the best in you

Exactly..funny how even in those moments we know...we choose to believe otherwise. True love is when there is no, nor does their need to be a conscious choice in the matter; It just is.

Yes you are baby dont think your putting me through anything... im choosing it bc you are who i want im not giving up on you i trust you... I love you so much your with me everyday im still me baby

#quote about love: Don't choose the better guy, choose the guy who makes you a better woman.

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You don't choose who you fall in love with

beautiful here a more dramatic look @Melinda W Smith

Wedding makeup would love to do this for you special day

Para una novia lo más importante en el día de su boda es su imagen, y por ello no puede faltar ni un sólo detalle, como por ejemplo las extensiones de pestañas.


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Rock paper scissors lizard Spock.

needed someone to sing soft kitty to me

The Big Bang Theory quotes

The Big Bang Theory quotes - captures the show perfectly

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Love this. And great way to get all my mugs out of the cabinet.

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With our wedding vows hearted ♥