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Christmas Wreaths- Petals & Plumes Hat n' Boots Character Wreaths ©2013

Here is a selection of past work and upcoming pieces. All pieces for Petals & Plumes are copyright protected. Follow us on Facebook - - Etsy Shop -

Snowman Wreath-Christmas Wreath- "Mr Frost'icles the Snowman" Petals & Plumes Hat n' Boots Character Wreath Collection©2013

Christmas Wreath - Regal Santa in Burgundy and Gold by Petals & Plumes

Christmas Wreath "THE QUEEN" by Petals & Plumes ©2012

Here is the 2012 Version of the Santa Diva Wreath...I made a Left/Right pair for a Customer..Petals & Plumes-Hat n' Boots Collection 2011©

Christmas Wreath-"Harlequin Elf" from my Petals & Plumes 2010 Hat n' Boots Collection©

  • Aleta Spivey

    Absolutely beautiful designs! Very talented.

  • Denise Mason

    Where do you get your inspiration These are the cutest, most elegant wreaths I have ever seen!

  • Stefanie Solano

    Can I put in an order for Christmas for this??? Please???

  • Stefanie Solano

    How do I order from you??? I LOVE your creations!!

  • Janey Groom

    Do you need a floral designer in Canada? Love, love, love your work...brilliant! Merry Christmas...

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"Santa Diva" Christmas Wreath-Petals & Plumes-Hat n' Boots Collection © 2010

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Christmas Wreath-COWBOY Santa Claus - "Christmas Hat n' Boots Collection©"

Shopping Diva Winter-Christmas Wreath - "Christmas Hat n' Boots Collection©"

Candy Cane Elf Wreath from 2010 Collection©

Christmas Elf from 2010 Collection©

  • Lynne Kukla

    Love it...when will you take orders and what is the price?

  • Lynne Kukla

    Love it...when will you take orders and what is the price?