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Brrr its cold! Snuggle with me...pretty please?

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Charlie is 6 months, and Troy (on the bottom) is 7 months!

Instagram photo by @petco (Petco) - via Iconosquare

Puppies and kittens grow at an astounding rate. How do you keep your baby pet healthy?

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Briggs is a baby old English bulldog. Isn’t she precious? Show off your adorable pets by tagging #Petco.

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Learning how to run is hard work! Is your baby pet exhausted after a day of activities too?

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Maby was rescued when she was very young and was nursed back to health by her adoptive pet parents. Repin if you have rescued or adopted a pet!

  • Erika Rebman

    My 5 month old kitten Cleo was almost eaten by my black labrador in my backyard. She was born to a stray cat that roams my neighborhood. I took her in and bottle fed her and took her for a vet visit. I am very happy to say that she is now a very healthy and hyper little girl and she is getting along great with my older cat.

  • Petco

    @Erika Gonzalez We are so thrilled to hear yours and Cleo's story! Glad to hear she is happy and healthy. We'd love a picture of her! Tag #Petco so we make sure we see it. :)

This kitten hasn’t quite figured out what the dog bowl is actually for. Right now, it’s a nice little bed!

Puppies sleep quite a bit. After 30 minutes of playtime, expect yours to take a couple hours to rest to help rejuvenate their rapidly growing bodies.

Riesling is a sweet adopted puppy. She is always ready to play! Is your puppy rambunctious too?

Sadie is concentrating very hard. Does your puppy also tilt their head when they are listening intently?

A breed known for being fun-loving and protective, boxers are great dogs for kids. This puppy is ready to play!

Every puppy deserves a good home. This little girl was up for adoption at a Petco adoption event last week. She is just one of many that need homes.

Isn’t this little guy cute? Puppies grow fast and need nutrients to build bone and muscle. Make sure that your puppy is eating food designed for the right stage of its growth.

This pup likes to snuggle in his bed.