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Antique erotic Art

This happy little winged phallus was discovered in a temple of Dionysus on Delos Island, Greece, 300 BCE.

Top 10 Penis Artifacts

Vieze liedjes uit de 17e en 18e eeuw – Annemieke Houben

"Ik deed haar zin, en draafde stijf dat tuintje in."

Ets door Dominique Vivant, baron de Denon, ca. 1790-1794 (Vieze Liedjes, Vantilt)

"Ik deed haar zin, en draafde stijf dat tuintje in."

A Japanese carving - netsuke - of an old couple in an intimate embrace - probably carved in ivory.

File:Erotic netsuke 2.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Pompeii Erotic Art

Ancient Roman Erotic Art : History of Erotic Art

From a series of Qianlong paintings. (1796-1820) Possibly illustrations of Hong Lou Meng "The Dream of the Red Chamber" or "Story of the Stone") we observe a threesome of the kind seen often in the erotic prints. Here is takes place on a porch overlooking a lotus pond. One woman, behind, whom the man turns his head to kiss, grasps his penis and guides it into the other woman lying down who is clearly younger, with a smaller body frame and only budding breasts.

19th century Northern China Pigment on paper mounted on silk. chinese erotic pillow book page 6

Erotic album leaf possibly attributed to northern figure master Leng Mei (ca. 1670-1742 or later) A herdboy is about to take the virginity (we assume) of a young girl, who may have come out onto the hillside to fly the kite that lies on the ground at left.It has a tinge of the near-perverse, which is somehow intensified here by the way the cow and nuzzling calf, behind, roll their eyes back to watch.

Zichy's drawings are surprisingly realistic, incorporating subjects of a variety of ages and classes, engaging in acts both consistent with and diverging from sexual "normalcy." Although not pictured above, Zichy also depicted sex between partners of the same gender as well as sex with oneself, showing a remarkable open-mindedness for his day.

19th Century Erotica Is Way Raunchier Than We Expected (NSFW)