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Antique erotic Art

Shunga -meaning 'the spring pictures' this leaf is from an erotic hand painted picture book circa 1850.


19th century Northern China Pigment on paper mounted on silk. chinese erotic pillow book page 2

Signed leaf from erotic album. The recessed area at left and the familiar combination of qin, official’s cap, and hastily-removed clothes, the blue-and-green landscape on the screen and the pencai or tray-landscapes on the foreground table, all belong to the distinctive type of interior scene invented by Gu Jianlong.

A leaf from unknown source. A woman leans back against a table, masturbating against the rounded end of the armrest. Her right hand holds a fan with a flower design embroidered on translucent gauze. Meanwhile, the man uses a razor to shave the woman's pubic hair. Beside them, one woman raises a ewer to pour a thin stream of water from high up onto the region of the clitoris, of another who lies back in the bathtub.

Leaf from an album: an eighteenth-century work by aq follower of Gu Jianlong. The females who look in from the doorway, one from behind a split-bamboo blind. Both raise their sleeved hands to their faces, expressing the same ambivalent feeling. We might suppose that the artist included two young women here because the central scene involves possibly one or two males.

Kangxi court: Gu Jianlong's Jin Ping Mei Illustrations: Ximen Qing visits Wang Liu’er, to arrange for the marriage of her fourteen-year-old daughter, and unexpectedly finds the mother more inviting than the girl. They retire to an inner room for sex while old Mother Feng and Ximen’s servant wait in the entryway. Wang Liu’er, a mature and large-bodied woman, lies back on her hastily-removed clothes, watching with open mouth as Ximen Qing holds up her tiny feet and takes her for the first time

water colour and ink circa 1900

Kangxi court,1662-1670. Gu Jianlong's Jin Ping Mei Illustrations: Chapter Seventeen in which Vesperus engages in anal copulation with Flora, while the other three assist him and hold her down. Behind them is a stone table strewn with erotic albums (which Flora collected), wine ewer and cups, and dishes of things to eat.

From a series of Qianlong paintings. (1796-1820) Possibly illustrations of Hong Lou Meng "The Dream of the Red Chamber" or "Story of the Stone") we observe a threesome of the kind seen often in the erotic prints. Here is takes place on a porch overlooking a lotus pond. One woman, behind, whom the man turns his head to kiss, grasps his penis and guides it into the other woman lying down who is clearly younger, with a smaller body frame and only budding breasts.

A leaf from Album after Gu Jianlong, It presents a couple on a low couch on a veranda. She crouches over him, leaning forward on her elbows. The faces of both are turned toward us, the genitalia of both are visible: the two are open to our viewing, hiding nothing, unconcerned about watchers. She gazes at his feet, and strokes one of them with her hand.

4th leaf from Chinese 19th C erotic pillow book- Gouache and Ink on Rice Paper. measuring 10" by 20 3/4".

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Some fun examples of Chinese Erotica... funny chinese culture

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