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Dream catcher diy One day when I get time! this is sooo smart for a college dorm to hang jewelry

DIY: Interesting And Unique Hanger For Earrings

How to turn any "coloring" page (or picture) into a cake decoration! Awesome-est thing EVER!!!!

Sunshine and a Summer Breeze: Avengers Birthday Cake

How to fix broken makeup

Fix up broken makeup

Easy way to transfer a photo to canvas! « jezzicasprojects

Easy way to transfer a photo to canvas!

crazy stitches ideas

knick knacks & ric rac » Blog Archive » crazy quilt stitches

Toy Car Wall Art - actually a listing on etsy but if you saved a bunch of cars from garage sales you could definitely make it.

sound wave jewelry - record your voice and he will make it into a neckalce or bracelet 'I love you"

black plywood -

Binder cover tut - three different styles

How to: Clean Hair brushes - getting the dirt and fuzz off the bristles

How to: Clean Hair brushes

Follow this helpful chart to create the most vibrant eggs in the basket.

Old belts can be refashioned into a woven belt bench. Begin weaving using three belts. Continue the under and over pattern until all the belts are used and the bench is large enough to place on the frame.