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HOKA Conquest

Hoka® Conquest for Women | ULTRA Running Shoes

Learn to Do a Chin-Up in 6 Weeks: Training Plan

Learn to Do a Chin-Up in 6 Weeks: Training Plan

30-Day Ultimate Better Butt Challenge: This a great summer workout for those looking to build a perky backside. Be warned, it's not for someone new to fitness. This workout is pretty intense. Check out the blogpost before beginning for tips and advice-- plus a demo video.

The 30-Day Ultimate Better Butt Challenge | Bret Contreras - Ashley Conrad's 21-Day Clutch Cut - Ashley Conrad's 21-Day Clutch Cut


The One Glutes Exercise You Should Be Doing But Probably Aren’t -workout regimen -great glutes-isolation training 5 day/1 off/2,4,6 cardio

How to tie your running shoes to fit your feet better. a podiatrist showed her this trick! wow - the high arches, vs. wide foot tie is fantastic. Also narrow foot and heel slipping ties.

Running Shoe Lacing Techniques

Insanity Asylum calendar

Asylum Workout Calendar | Print A Workout Calendar

MobilityWOD Super Nova

MobilityWOD Super Nova

The Orb ~my new friend/mobility tool ❤️

The Orb - Massaging Ball - Rogue Fitness

Nike Liberty X

New Nike X Liberty Collection | Find out more |