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sgraffito on bowl. James Guggina Ceramics. Pottery

each student create own/one - used as a combination piece....use of textures -I don't even care what they are or where they go - they are just gorgeous

Octopus Ceramic Art Sculpture

Watercolor Terms | Free Word Search Worksheet by wavemusicstudio, via Flickr

great illustration of how the elements are applied with principles. This is awesome!

Ridiculously easy way to grow sprouts for your chickens!

Pecking away at an ice block to finally be rewarded with a cold corn kernel is a great way to help chickens keep cool.

mommybird: “You know how it is. Sometimes there’s a crowd waiting to get in, chatting away.” (via Ladies)

Surviving Winter with Chickens- a comprehensive look at coop preparations and chicken comfort in cold temperatures.

Handy dandy DIY chicken feeder by Carla's husband at Small+ Friendly.

Herbal pesticide for coop (keep flies away) many herbs are effective insecticidal. various varieties of herbs can repel or kill order to be effective, different herbs must be employed differently: ingested by the birds, distributed throughout the coop, grown around the coop, prepared as an extract and applied to the bird's body, and/or prepared as a liniment and applied to the coop itself.

Great ideas for adding a bit of "cute" to a chicken coop. Love - the simple construction; nest boxes and pop door with easy access from large side door (also big enough for easy cleaning & feeding); adorable-ness factor; ventilation. What I'd change - make coop and run larger; make mobile; small ventilation holes in nest boxes, rather than the pop-up sides;

Outsmarting the Chickens at the Feeder, easy DIY to keep them from spilling food from their feeder.

Great homemade PVC pipe feeder for the chicken coop! Food funnels in from both ends.

Everyone draws themselves as a Lego figure.

Guilford County School's Art Educator's Blog: Caitlin Fisher, Southeast Middle School, Sub Lessons

drawing exercises - silly drawing site FINISHED WORK ACTIVITY

Architectural Relief Tiles. Chapel Hill H.S.

Wall Vases | East Chapel Hill High Ceramics

Functional Nonsense | East Chapel Hill High Ceramics