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Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Spread a little Philly! Discover delicious recipes, new products and cooking tips from!

These Praline Whipped Sweet Potatoes are a sweet and simple dish, and the crunchy topping perfectly complements the tender, baked sweet potato; it makes a great take-along for a fall potluck, making this dish a winner!

This Roasted Sweet Potato & Carrot Puree is a perfect fall side dish. Comforting and stick-to-your-ribs; a great thing to come home to on a chilly fall day. The caramelized flavour of the carrots adds a delicious sweet flavour. Serve this along with a homey baked chicken and some greens and you’re set to go… fall flavours on a plate!

These Sweet Potato Stacks combine the tart and creaminess of Garlic and Herb Philly with the savoury and sweet flavours of sweet potatoes, balsamic dressing and onions.

Looking for an easy snack? Spread Philly Cream Cheese over a slice of salami, add a few pepperonicinis, and fold it over for the perfect afternoon snack. #recipe

Want a reason to eat cookies and cheesecake at the same time? Then take a bite out of Real Women of Philadelphia member Leigh Ann's Cookie Butter Cheesecake made with a spiced crumb crust and topped with a creamy cookie butter layer. #recipe #dessert

There are so many ways to make avocado toast, it just takes a little imagination! For two completely different snacks, we topped one slice of toast with Philly Cream Cheese, avocado and strips of bacon, and the other slice with Philly Cream Cheese, avocado, sriracha and toasted sesame seeds. Yum! #recipe

Upgrade your toast with Philly's newest product, the Cinnamon Brown Sugar!

Chocolate lovers will swoon over the rich whipped layers sandwiched by chocolate wafers in this no-bake Chocolate Icebox Cake. Don’t forget to wash a slice down with a tall glass of milk!

Made with vanilla wafers, pecans and chocolate pudding, this Mud Pie is perfect for any after-dinner treat or social gathering. And of course, it's best served with a tall glass of milk! #recipe #dessert #creamcheese

Sweet, whipped cream cheese, decadent chocolate pudding, and a Cool Whip topping? This must be heaven. Serve this Mud Pie after dinner for the perfect finale.

For a treat that’s a little nutty, in the good sense, this Pistachio Layered Dessert with pistachio Jell-O pudding and fresh walnuts hits the spot.

Love tiramisu? Then you will love the vanilla wafers, fresh raspberries and chocolate in this delicious Tiramisu Bowl.

Graham cracker crumbs, bananas, Cool Whip whipped topping and vanilla pudding make this Savannah Banana Pudding unforgettable. It’s great for potlucks or parties too!

#DIY Tip: Cut a slit in the lid of your Philly tub and turn it into a piggy bank! It's perfect for starting a “bagel fund,” treat yourself to a big, fresh bagel from the local bakery.

As if snickerdoodles weren't tasty enough, spread a little Cinnamon Brown Sugar Cream Cheese on top for an easy alternative to cream cheese frosting. #foodhack #dessert #cookies

Don't stop at mustard. Spread a little (or a lot) of Philly Cream Cheese on your soft pretzels for a savoury snack that will surprise your taste buds!

Our recipe for happiness combines love, laughter and a little chocolate!

Do your kids beg for treats on every grocery trip? Write down what they want, toss it in this tub, and then let them select one treat per grocery trip! There’s a lot less begging that way. ;) #DIY

Instead of tossing your Philly tub, save it and create an herb garden! Add a little soil, some seeds, and a little love, then watch it grow. #DIY

Make your morning bagels more exciting by tossing some fruity cereal on top for a seriously sweet treat that is surprisingly good! Trust us. #recipe

Say hello to our new spread: PHILADELPHIA Cinnamon Brown Sugar Cream Cheese! Enjoy it spread over a pumpkin muffin, or perhaps on a cinnamon sugar cookie.

We know the best way to lure your friends to a social gathering. Bring out the dip, and not just any dip, creamy French Onion Philly Dip!

Looking for an easy dip this Labour Day weekend? Our French Onion Philly Dip is perfect for the last summer barbecue or small gatherings, and, it takes no time to prepare! Just pop off the lid and place it on a platter with chips and your favourite dippers.

Having trouble getting the kids out of bed for school? Lure them with Breakfast Sushi! Scrambled eggs, Philly Cream Cheese and tortillas make this morning treat one to look forward to. #recipe #backtoschool

For extra moist cakes, add this secret ingredient to your batter. Hint: you use it on tacos and chili!