While He Was Napping: {Printable} Kid's Christmas Countdown Jar

While He Was Napping: {Printable} Kid's Christmas Countdown Jar

White chocolate snowflakes, I think these are so cute, perfect for cookies, cakes, and floating in all sorts of drinks, even on jello...stop me I am on a rolllllll or jiggle....can do all sorts of patterns print them and put wax paper over and form your desings peel and use:)

Christmas Decorations by Janny Dangerous

Cajun Night Before Christmas! A must read for children in South Louisiana!

round foam ball , probably about 30-60 hershy kiss'es (depending on how many your going to make.) pipe cleaners , and a hot glue gun !!! Thats all you need to make a hershey Christmas ordanment !

Oreos dipped in white chocolate (put on sticks) with red frosting to look like peppermints

This table works for many occasions...but lets think Christmas right now. Taking a round table and covering it with a cloth that falls to the floor, Ive used white for that snowy, icy floating feeling. Then take 5 or 6 short glasses (I used votive holders) and place them around the table upside down (these are the lifts that support your glass top). You then place 3 to 4 strands of the outdoor icicle ...

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