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Rebecca Pileggi

Rebecca Pileggi

Mum of two gorgeous boys and a beautiful step-daughter. I'm arty, crafty & community minded. Photography keeps my mind occupied whilst my family and friends fee

Painters tape and finger paints!

Use tension rods and a sheet to make a tent in the hallway for the kids. You can decorate the sheet with fabric paint or markers, and it can be easily stored when done.

A PAINT PARTY- I love this.

My son had his 1st birthday recently and we celebrated with a Jingly Jangly Jungle Party! Here's the lolly buffet and his amazing Jungle Cake! The lolly buffet consisted of the following: * Bananas (Monkey Food) * Mint Leaves (Giraffe Food) * Fruit Jubes (Jungle Fruit) * Gummy Bears (Grizzly Bears) * Snakes (Jungle Pythons) * Worms & Grubs Mix (Creepy Crawlies) *Heinz Honey & Banana Biscuits for 1-3 yr olds (Baby Monkey and Bear Food) * Lolly Pops with "Leo's 1st Birthday"!

I made a Moshi Monsters Lolly Buffet for my 10 year old's birthday party recently. Here's the tags I used for the lolly names and lolly bags!

Vote for Leo.... PLEASE!!! ;)

What an awesome Safari Dessert Buffet!

feet and hands angel - so sweet~

The Most Tragic Romance There Ever Was... Hilarious!!

Newborn photo shoot (Photography by Bec)


salty berry yogurt parfait recipe!

Bird's View of Baby Belly

Two Little Bunnies

Motion Photography