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**The *F* Word**

This is a group board dedicated to the *F* word - FEMINISM. Please feel free to pin your favorites regarding feminism, the war of women, women's reproductive and health issues and more. Invite your feminist friends! And yes, we LOVE male feminists. NO SPAM, NO SELLING OF PRODUCTS.

my young daughter wanted long hair but she often balked at washing or brushing it, so it looked a dirty mess. i told her that she didn't have to look at it (unless she went past a mirror) but the rest of us had no choice but to see it. so if she was kind, she'd make sure it wasn't painful to look at.

Too many times...

  • Princess Cinnamon

    My boyfriend actually had to quit work because his boss, who was also a man, was sexually harassing him. And I've had straight male friends who were harassed by women. The point stands though. if you're hitting on someone and you get visual or verbal clues that they aren't interested, you should back off.

Despite the persistent gender gap in opinion polls and mounting criticism of their hostility to women’s rights, Republicans are not backing off their assault on women’s equality and well-being. New laws in some states could mean a death sentence for a pregnant woman who suffers a life-threatening condition. But the attack goes well beyond abortion, into birth control, access to health care, equal pay and domestic violence.

Being derailed from your own struggle to comfort the feelings of others. Keep focus, keep fighting, keep fierce. We are being raped, we are being beaten, we are dying. We are dying. We are dying.

Gamergate’s anti-woman agenda made clear: Actor Felicia Day threatened for speaking up

  • Alexis

    I'm so sick of these assholes giving gamers a bad name and threatening people!

  • NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon

    I was afraid of that.

  • Sally Brown

    Supernatural fans unite!

  • Katherine Teacher

    If I hear one more gamerdouche go on about how this ~movement~ totally isn't about misogyny, I will scream. If it isn't about misogyny, why are you wasting your breath arguing with me? Why aren't you going after the cretins that are making YOU look like (even more of) a dipshit woman-hater?

  • NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon

    Under my personal account I posted some pins about her to a big geek board today and I will come down like a ton of bricks on any "gamberdouche" (love that name) who comes after me I am sick of gamergate.

An eight year old child bride died in Yemen on her wedding night after suffering internal injuries due to sexual trauma. Human rights organizations are calling for the arrest of her husband who was five times her age. This is beyond disgusting and evil that ANY culture would allow children to be treated this way. ALL children have the inherent need and right to be loved, protected, cared for, and respected as individuals. Anything less is inhuman.

  • sophie

    Who want have sex with a 8 year old girl ?? She wasn't even nubile, she couldn't have babies, it is only torture ... She was have the same age of my daughter ... So disgusting...

  • Hannah Deane

    This is absolutely heartbreaking. This demands actions of change

  • Deveney Miller

    This just breaks my heart:( How evil can someone be?!

Advice columns from decades past provide a chilling glimpse into the horrors of marriage counselling before feminism

This feminist pledges to vote! Share if you do too. From Miss R•EVOLutionaries.

Chart of the Day: Why did computer science become dominated by men? Follow-up question: what kind of drop off will we see post #gamergate?

Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff, here at 23 years of age, being interrogated by the military. She was arrested in 1970 as a member of COLINA, a far left organization that fought against the military junta. Dilma was tortured for 22 days and spent 3 years in prison. Today she is Brazil's first woman president.

Seriously? Fox News to young women: Don't worry about voting, just focus on your Tinder profile

  • A~

    I'd like to revoke her vagina. And then her brain, since she's clearly NOT USING IT. How I loathe the whole FOX news woman schtick.

  • NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon

    Oh she's clearly using her brain (or the people who write the scrips are). They're trying to suppress voter turn out any way they can, and they ESPECIALLY want to keep people who care about reproductive issues away from the polls.