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**The *F* Word**

This is a group board dedicated to the *F* word - FEMINISM. Please feel free to pin your favorites regarding feminism, the war of women, women's reproductive and health issues and more. Invite your feminist friends! And yes, we LOVE male feminists. NO SPAM, NO SELLING OF PRODUCTS.

Content Note: Rape Culture -- London Gangs draw up lists of girls to rape as proxy attacks on rivals and brazenly girlfriends and relatives, including brazenly grabbing girls off school buses.

I Don't Like This Song

CPT Dovey (Johnson) Roundtree, WAAC/WAC, a native of Charlotte, NC, was a graduate of Spelman College in Atlanta and a protégée of the influential African American educator, Mary McLeod Bethune, when she was selected as a member of the first class of officer candidates of the WAAC in 1942. After the war, CPT Roundtree used the G.I. Bill to attend Howard University Law School. When she graduated with her law degree in 1950, there were only 83 black women lawyers in the United States.

Kady Brownell ~ one of 250 women who fought in the Civil War. When the Civil War began, Brownell’s soon-to-be husband, Robert Brownell, enlisted in the 1st Rhode Island Infantry; Brownell was determined to join him. Rhode Island Governor William Sprague accepted her into his unit.

Look at all these freethinkers!

#LadiesIncorporate! #IncorporatedUterus I hereby incorporate my uterus and vagina with the full expectation that I will now be given the rights and protections equal to corporations by the U.s. Supreme Court. #uterus #corporations #vagina #women

This engrossing PBS documentary describes the Navajo gender system, which includes four genders. Women are the first gender because Navajo is a matrilineal society - known as "asdzaan" (feminine woman). Men are the "hastiin" ("masculine man"). Nádleehi (feminine man) are born as what we would consider "biologically male" but function as girl/woman; and dilbaa (masculine woman) who were born "biologically female" but function as male.

23 Women Show Us Their Favorite Position - Mic #MyFavoritePositionIs

#CO #Antichoice activists hope 3rd time’s the charm to restrict #reprorights through a ballot measure:

23 Women Show Us Their Favorite Position

Poem - Hollie McNish - A Poem About Flo Rida's Blow My Whistle. Hollie McNish has enlisted the help of help of Flo Rida (sort of) in a well articulated deconstruction on the warped sexual imagery often found in mainstream hip hop. The innovation is that you, the audience: 1. Play Flo Rida’s video, ‘Blow My Whistle’ and Hollie’s poem at the same time, and 2. Mute the sound on Flo Rida’s vid.

Look at all these freethinkers!

Woman Confronts Catcallers and Secretly Films Their Reactions