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**The *F* Word**

This is a group board dedicated to the *F* word - FEMINISM. Please feel free to pin your favorites regarding feminism, the war of women, women's reproductive and health issues and more. Invite your feminist friends! And yes, we LOVE male feminists. NO SPAM, NO SELLING OF PRODUCTS.

*Trigger Alert* Owner of camp accused of starving, torturing, killing gay teens defends himself~Game ranger course 'general' is on trial for murder, child abuse, neglect and allegedly forced teen to eat his own faeces

That’s not elitism. That’s sexism. — The “Fake Geek” is Not The Problem When It Comes to “Fake Geek Girls." <-- Whoever this man is, I truly wish I could personally thank him!

  • Mel P.

    good read!

  • Princess Cinnamon

    I think the photo of Lea Delaria is a little misleading. When I saw this pin, I thought it was written by her. XD But still, a good read!

18 examples of imaginary privilege

‘Liberal’ Fox News host slut-shames ‘Bachelorette’ star for not marrying man after sex

  • Kaadeshka

    Hey! How did Fox manage to conjure talking barf!? That's magic and it's a slight to Christianity! They are contractually obligated to kill it- now I'm not saying fire is the only way to go, drowning is usually how they kill a witch. But, talking puke is not a human being, you can't stab it or hang it... fire would be good except for the smell...

  • Sarah Townsend

    The article says he hired a prostitute who tried to extort money from him. Bwahahahah

Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Tells Women Not To Laugh In Public. Evidently, it's not chaste... eye roll, please.

"Rape culture is demanding that people who have survived sexual violence laugh about it, because other people think it's funny."

....because children are STILL being taught that boys and girls are inherently different and therefore, should play with different toys. gender categories are dangerous and oppressive. they're children, for crissake, let them decide their toys on their own!!

  • Tiana ♡

    I would lose my shit if one of my girls came home with schoolwork like this.

  • Alex Riots

    I can't even imagine the logic behind a project like this- i cant remember doing anything like this in my classes, what knowledge is there to be gained?

  • Jen DeSantis

    Yeah... No. I've never seen either of my kids come home with anything like this, but if they did I'd be sure to lose my shit. As Alex said, I see no redeemable lesson to be learned here other than misogyny.

  • Tina Loechel

    This society is moving backwards.

  • Angela Jahnel

    I would be furious if my child was given this ridiculous assignment! There is no point to this assignment. All it teaches is that you have to fill in the blanks "correctly". Grrrrrrr!!! >:(

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Thousands of women, accused of sorcery, tortured and executed in Indian witch hunts

New Study Reports Sexual Harassment, Assault May Be Dissuading Women From Careers in Science

Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw: My Brother’s Keeper Ignores Young Black Women -

  • Kaadeshka

    This is extremely disappointing. Why are men and boys always given the leg up first? Why is that okay? And how does fixing their problems and not their female counterparts make for a united people? Won't that be confusing for the boys and girls who turn into men and women- I'm talking every day things like communication barriers.

Pussy Riot pair sue Russia over imprisonment

Scherenschnitte, a 16th-century Swiss-German folk-art tradition. whatever it is, I want to know how to do it!

Friends are often nervous to bring you around their parents or children, because they assume the only words you know end with -uck and -itch. | 19 Problems All Women Who Love Cursing Know To Be True

  • ♥ The Atheist Pagan ♥

    Exactly!! Slutbucket was my favorite until that Orbit gum commercial came out, then I called her a "lintlicker". Lol!!

  • Criss Forshay

    Sad how pretty much all of our cuss words insult women... I was trying to come up with a nice go-to cuss word in Spanish, but all the ones I could think of (to insult a person) insult the person's mother.

  • Sarah Townsend

    I try to use them in an endearing matter. All of my friends call each other bitch. We like it!

  • Criss Forshay

    I can see some being used in an endearing manner with friends... but I was looking for an insulting term, and couldn't find one that didn't insult women more than the intended target!

  • Laura Hill

    I despise the term "f-bomb". I mean, really? A word is a bomb? Pearl-clutcher, grow up. I use godfuckingdamnit quite a lot, because I've reclaimed bitch, cunt, etc as power words. Asswipe is good, one group isn't slandered more than another.

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