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A good tutorial for making your own wood signs. I like the way she transfers the words to the board--genius!

DIY: How To Make A Bow - photo tutorials on how to EASILY make several different types of bows for decorating & gift giving.

Make a clock cake for New Year's Eve or a Peter Pan Party (remember the croc with the clock?)

Burlap Wreath- actually as easy as the link suggests, warning- burlap frays easily and will get EVERYWHERE, have a vacuum nearby- but otherwise, just some basic weaving and boom- pretty wreath.

Make your own projector using a shoe box, duct tape, magnifying glass, and your smart phone! That's crazy!! {what?!! Might have to try this... Backyard movie???} # Pin++ for Pinterest #

You can make your own French Vanilla coffee creamer - it's less expensive, you know the ingredients and it's just as good. From 365 Days of Baking Just tried this no longer buying my creamer yum