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Kanten (Japanese gelatin/agar-agar), jelly, Jello


夏の宵 Evening of summer

和のお菓子 : は い じ

水信玄餅!!の画像 | 莉緒のブログ

水信玄餅!!の画像 | 莉緒のブログ

七変化・千本玉壽軒 "seven changes-thousand ball Hisashinoki"


「彩雨」rain's falling


Japanese Sweeets, wagashi,Tanabata

七夕(羊羹製)|菓心 まるいち

Japanese Sweets, wagashi

【楽天市場】夏季限定 匠の九撰 上生菓子詰合せ(友禅染め黒漆箱・風呂敷包み) お中元ギフト 送料無料:風味絶佳.山陰

Matcha Mizu Yokan 1. Soak the 5 g agar in 250cc water for 15 minutes. Place the agar and water into a pot. Cook under low heat while stirring occasionally with a wooden spatula. Add 30 g sugar and when the mixture is an even consistency, turn off the heat. 2. In a bowl mix 5 g Matcha powder with 10cc water. Add 300 g white bean paste (shiro-an) and mix well. 3. Add 2. into 1. After boiling a little, put the mixture in a mold that has been moistened with water. Refrigerate until gelled.

Nishiki yokan This is a japanese sweet made from kanten,seaweed gelatin and sweet rice. Recipe:

mango kanten + coconut milk

Kanten, doces para comer com os olhos | SuperZiper

hakutoujelly - Japanese-style jelly made from the juice of ripe white peaches mixed with mineral-rich spring water. At room temperature, I wouldn't even consider this jelly edible. But when frozen for a few hours or more, the stuff (miraculously) becomes a refreshing sherbet. - no recipe for this but is probably a version fruit kanten found here:


Olives for Dinner | Vegan Recipes and Photography: Coconut, Pomegranate and Lime Kanten- two very important things about agar through my misstep, which are: a.) it must be boiled to be activated and b.) acidic agents, like those found in sour fruits, prevent agar from gelling properly.