Kids are given Game Boys - atleast the last kid kinda got the point...

Kids are given Game Boys

Funny Kids of My Generation!

Funny Kids of My Generation!

This is Molly...a survivor of Hurricane Katrina.... Molly, the Horse with a Prosthetic Leg

I love how even the guys from the other team are like "Dude. Are you okay? Let's get you down"

The best type of friend / iFunny :)

Did you just catch that? I think this may just be my all time favorite gif... Love the looks on both of their faces!

This is how your exams are graded…

The warm spot + kitties = war

Pin now and read before your next trip to Walt Disney World. This list has 101 tips and you're sure to learn something new!

Funny tattoo !!!! I only love this because its a giraffe :)

Lifehacks from 100 years ago…

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