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Etsy Faves

Favorite items that I have found while browsing through

Seattle Earrings in white resin and sterling by LollyJoLolli, $34.00

Silver Bracelet Elegant jewelry for her Cuff by SidKassidy on Etsy, $64.57

Bead Embroidery Necklace Collar silver agate pearl by Reginao, $100.00

teal necklace wire wrapped estate glamour teal by KicaBijoux, $27.00

pink quartz wire cuff by RockinWireCreations on Etsy, $35.99

Chamagne Crystal Peacock Handwoven Necklace Glass by MoodTherapy, $19.95

Deep blue Lapis Lazul wrapped in bronze by KANDYLEES on Etsy, $95.00