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The family of an abusive, stubbornly self-rightous, controlling American Southern Baptist preacher moves to the Belgian Congo in the 1960s. The daughters' and wife's stories of personal exploitation and their rebellion against 'The Father' coincide with the founding of Zaire as an independent nation. Malaria, animism, death, solidarity and rebirth play into this eminently readable story of politics and a broken family in the proverbial "heart of darkness".

Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies- These remind me of my Em...she loves Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream!

#2 in Millennium Trilogy

First Abarat book by Clive Barker

Been wanting to read this one...

Ms. Hayden's first fiction excellent read!

One of my Christmas presents from my wonderful hubby! I have heard it compared to 'The Hunger Games'...if it is anywhere close it will be great!

Another to-be-read...have heard great things!