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Curtains up on a magic show! We're showcasing awesome effects in our photo editor, and the magical way they transform photos.

Create instant Pop Art with PicMonkey's Warhol effect. Select two colors and you're on your way! Don't forget to use the Brightness and Contrast sliders to perfect your masterpiece.

PicMonkey's Ombre effect adds a little playfulness to your photo. Choose any two colors and use the Angle slider to choose the direction of the gradient. Tip: Check out our Ombre Amour effect in the Sweethearts theme for ready-made romance.

The Frost effect gives your photo focus with a soft white vignette. Play with the size and intensity to show just how chilly your image is.

Add a moody vignette with our Dark Edges photo effect. If you're not feeling dark, you don't have to use black as your outer edge color. There's a convenient color picker so you can fade off to any colored edges you like!

Make your photo timeless in one click with the Sepia effect. Tip: Use the color picker to get the perfect sepia tone for your taste.

Our Soften effect adds a dreamy romantic mood to your image by smoothing out those hard lines. In one click, you'll be swooning.

PicMonkey's Tint effect adds a monochromatic hue in any color to your photo. You can also fade it to let some of the photo's original colors shine through.

Add color vibrancy to your photo while enhancing the cooler tones within it, using the Burst effect.

We won't tell you how many pieces of flair you need to have but we do recommend you try our Lens Flare effect. Choose from 3 different lens flare looks and place them wherever you want.

  • Charlola Falola

    I love PicMonkey, and with the "Office Space" reference in this description, I love you even more! Thanks for a great product!

Brighten up your photo with the Sunglow effect. It just makes you want to put on your sunglasses.

PicMonkey's Spotlight effect gives focus to your image with its circular vignette that you can place anywhere.

PicMonkey's Radiance effect gives you the power of the sun to add rays of light to your photo. Tip: First choose where your light will shine from and then play with the Radius and Fade to get just the radiant look you like.

Bokeh adds a bit of sparkly goodness to your photos. And you can change the shape too! Tip: Works best on images that have a wide range of lights and darks.

Our Lomo effect mimics the popular look of Lomography, inspired by images produced from toy Lomo cameras. Dramatically change the mood of your photo with this high contrast, soft focus, and dark look.

Bump up the color of your photo with our Boost effect.

The classic Black and White photo effect just got more fab. Try it all over, just a bit faded or brush it on.

  • Stephanie Girolami-James

    I'm not exactly sure how this works. Maybe I'm being silly but I can only seem to get it to do black and white, I can't do black and white faded or painted, I don't see any other options for that effect?

  • PicMonkey

    Click the Black and White effect, and you should see a panel drop down with a Fade slider and a paintbrush icon. If you click the paintbrush icon, you are given options to paint the effect in, or erase it away. Hooray for creativity!

Our Dusk effect gives a wonderful dark twilight look to your photo.

You'll fall in love with Trixi, Norma and Flo, our lovely retro Time Machine photo effects.

Intrepid is one of our Tried and True photo effects that always looks good with its subtle warm richness.

Another one-click wonder, our Urbane effect adds warmth to your photo's colors and frames it with a soft, dark vignette.

The Film Stock effect offers three popular film looks to give your photo a rich, saturated look. Great for landscapes and portraits with a wide range of lights and darks.

Our Orton effect mimics a photographic technique invented by Michael Orton. Unlike his method, we've made it super simple to get that saturated, glowy look in just a click.

With a single click go back to the 1960s with our Yester-color photo effect.

Inspired from the daguerreotype prints from the past, our Daguerreotype effect gives you an assortment of aged looks to choose from. Also check out our Daguerreotype frame to add some texture.

One of our most popular effects, Tranquil, gives a soft, warm feel to your photo.