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x bow • 45 weeks ago

Pope Sylvester II and his 'succubus" Meridiana - who prophesied "Beware the witch with the blood of the lion and the wolf, for with it she shall destroy the children of night" This was the prophesy which Gerbert told to Ysabeau, and prompted her to begin massive witch hunts

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Malleus Maleficarum - in it male authors argued that women were more susceptible to demonic temptations through their manifold weaknesses of their gender. It was believed that they were weaker in faith and more carnal than men. Six million women were tortured, mutilated and murdered. Men set a precedence in history for abusing women. Did this originate from the lie of 'Eve'?

In 1643-1645, the largest witch-hunt in French history occurred. During those two years there were at least 650 arrests in Languedoc alone. The same time was one of intense witch-hunting in England, as the English civil war created an atmosphere of unrest that fueled the hunting, especially under Matthew Hopkins.

Dee believed the Book of Soyga, also called Aldaraia by the magician, to have been revealed to Adam in the garden of Eden by God’s angels. The book itself was a 16th century treatise on magic, and about as likely to be celestially derived as this article is (Hint: it’s not).

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Bacchus by AnnPars.deviantar... (The Roman god of wine and intoxication, equated with the Greek Dionysus)

"The Horned One" - Cernunnos — Celtic Mythology

Punch and Judy & the Devil..... marionettes. vintage French?

Hellmouth. Bibliothèque nationale de France, Département des manuscrits, Français 1601, f.2v. Matfré Ermengau, Breviari d’amor. 14th century.

Mâcon - BM - ms. 0001, detail of f. 260 (pagan gods and demon intercessors). St. Augustine, La Cité de Dieu. Paris, c.1480.