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plasmaborne4rel • 1 year ago

The Real God: An Epiphany - YouTube | The evidence indicates that the personal god is a manifestation of the ego, which explains a plethora of theistic tendencies, including their typical dislike of atheists, who theists subconsciously perceive to be rejecting a part of themselves.

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Seth Green, Atheist

Great video. The reason so many christians persist in pretending gods are real - It's True Because It Would Be Bad if It Weren't.

Bishop John Shelby Spong explains Christianity and religion in the first, understandable way I've ever heard. A must see for believers and nonbelievers. Only a few minutes long.

Stephen Hawking comes out: ‘I’m an atheist’ because science is ‘more convincing’ than God

Total opportunistic bullshit.

Why most atheists are atheists.