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Using the Bible...

If you are trying to prove that god exists there are two very important things to remember: 1. Reading the bible is not valid research. 2. "I feel him in my heart" is not valid data.

If God is so offended by poo, why did he create us with a need to do it? King James Version: "13 And thou shalt have a paddle upon thy weapon; and it shall be, when thou wilt ease thyself abroad, thou shalt dig therewith, and shalt turn back and cover that which cometh from thee: 14 For the Lord thy God walketh in the midst of thy camp, to deliver thee, and to give up thine enemies before thee; therefore shall thy camp be holy: that he see no unclean thing in thee, and turn away from thee."

The first edition of the King James Bible contained notes on nearly every page indicating alternate definitions and translations. Over the next 200+ years, FOUR new editions were produced; each one subtracting more of the marginal notes in an effort to reduce “confusion.” By confusion, they really meant doubt- if the KJV was truly god-inspired, as advocates claim, it should have been right the first time. -Rationalatheism (via the-awesome-atheist)

It only takes a simple look at the origins and history of the Bible without the presupposition that it is an infallible holy book to understand how unreliable it is. To claim the Bible is the inspired work of god is like claiming ‘The National Enquirer’ is a legitimate source of news.

The bible…so, so wise.

  • David Diamond

    Where to begin? Remind me who it was again who passively/aggressively threatened the other person with the tortures of hell for not having the same beliefs? Oh, right…that was you. As for “attacking your beliefs”… I’m sorry, but no one’s beliefs are entitled to respect nor are they immune from criticism. PEOPLE are entitled to respect, NOT their beliefs. I respect your right to have those beliefs and your right to express them. But I don’t respect your right to tell me I’m going to hell unless I believe like you do. I don’t respect your religion (or any religion), nor do I have to. A god who would use the threat of hell to try to make people love him is nothing more than a divine rapist. If I told you I knew there was an invisible dragon living in my garage, would you respect that belief? No, you’d think I was nuts (no, I don’t think you are nuts, so don’t go there). Hopefully you see the point I’m trying to make. You share your beliefs because you KNOW the fate nonbelievers face? Well isn’t that just the epitome of arrogance? Sorry Jen, but NO ONE knows what happens after you die. You CHOOSE to believe what was written in a dusty old book by people who thought the earth was flat. If your beliefs were true and justified, you wouldn’t need to be trolling other people’s Pinterest pages trying to convince them, would you? If they were true and justified, the houses of worship would be packed to the rafters. But they aren’t, are they? You say I came to this conversation with a closed mind. You are wrong on two points. One: You came to me, I didn’t come to you..and as a result you got more than you bargained for or expected. Two: I would be happy to believe there was a god, but there is NO EVIDENCE for one. Pointing to the bible isn’t evidence. If you had evidence, I would believe. So the only one who didn’t come to this conversation with an open mind is you. Also, I don’t need to compare your beliefs to fantasy…just read the bible. Talking snakes, donkeys, unicorns, three headed monsters. I mean, have you actually sat down and read the bible?

  • David Diamond

    Now let’s move on to faith. Faith is dangerous. Faith stops you from asking questions. You proved that point by saying “I cannot try to understand why God has done what he has done.” So you just go on your merry way saying how great your god is while ignoring all the atrocities he has committed (you know, like drowning every innocent baby in the world). You say god has dominion over all creation and can do what he wants with it. Fair enough. If god ordered you to kill the one you love the most would you do it? I mean, you are his creation and he does hold dominion over you. Claiming you have faith to an atheist simply says that you believe in unsupported claims and ancient superstitions. Nor is your faith a result of some sort of divine revelation. Your faith is simply a matter of geography. If you lived in Iran, you’d be a Muslim. If you lived in India, you’d be a Hindi. Faith is simply a cop-out. For if faith is the only way you can accept an assertion, then you are admitting that it can’t be taken on it’s own merits. The reason it’s called faith is because it’s not knowledge. Faith isn’t some virtue that commands our respect. Faith is the glorification of voluntary ignorance. Moving on to science and religion. True, science doesn’t explain everything, but religion explains nothing. Not once in recorded history has religion explained something that was previously unknown to us. In fact, it’s religion that has held scientific progress back by thousands of years. It’s religion that burned our brightest minds at the stake for heresy during the time the church had the upper hand. With each and every discovery, religion becomes increasingly insignificant. You can see it’s struggle even in the 21st century with it’s opposition to climate change and evolution.

  • David Diamond

    Finally, as for Hitler, you COMPLETELY missed the point. I wouldn’t dare to compare another person to Hitler. I was trying to point out the illogical belief system of Christianity. So I’ll try again but with a few added tweaks. According to Christianity, all Hitler had to do before he died was to ask for forgiveness and accept Christ. As a result, Hitler would now be in heaven and the Jews who he tortured and murdered would be in hell. Or look at it this way...Heaven is a place where rapists, murderers and all their victims who have accepted Jesus get to live together for eternity. Does that seem logical to you? In other words, your god is benevolent enough to forgive a repentant murderer, yet would punish a moral person for simply not believing in him. That’s your god. That’s who YOU worship. You say you have looked into other arguments and find them inconsistent or inaccurate. I would love to know how any of what I have written falls under that category. If I’m wrong, I’ll freely admit it. Somehow though, I don’t think you would do the same. Because the religious person doesn’t REALLY want to know…they just want to believe.

  • Jen

    Haha-I wish you the best in the future. God bless :)

  • David Diamond

    To you as well…thanks for stopping by!

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The bible hates women. I cannot understand a woman who enjoys the bible and thinks highly of herself. The two don't go together.

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