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Covered bridges of Indiana. Wow, I didn't realize we had so many!

Penguin Point Warsaw,Indiana

  • Teal Stamper

    Yes we did! A 14 year old boy died in fair lane trailer park. Lots of power outages!

  • Hannah Logg

    I heard a teen died, how did he die exactly do you know...Fairlane trailer park...I am thinking where that is at...Power guys had a crazy winter and now a crazy summer!

  • Teal Stamper

    Geez I thought it was warm here 81 feels like 85 with humidity!

  • Hannah Logg

    Well, you have a different kind of warm than me...mine is a dry heat, and you have the high humidity. It is warm there!

  • Teal Stamper

    Ya a tree fell in the boys trailer and crushed him in bed. Fair lane is over by Grace Collage!

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Lafayette, Indiana

Storm clouds north of Warsaw, Indiana

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