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Durga ~ Chalchiuhtlicue aztec goddess of water

Durga ~ Mayahuel aztec goddess of the maguey plant

#Xochiquetzal Aztec goddess of the earth, flowers, plants, games and dance, but mainly she is a goddess of love. She is also the patroness of #Artisans, #Prostitutes, #Pregnant women and #Birth. Originally #Xochiquetzal ("Flower Feather") was associated with the moon. She is the twin sister of the flower prince Xochipilli and sometimes mentioned as the wife of the rain god Tlaloc.

Xochiquetzal by Ehecatzin, aztec goddess whose name means "flower feather", goddess of beauty and love

Chalchihuitlicue goddess The Aztec goddess of bodies of water and wife of Tlaloc the rain deity. Anthropology museum Mexico City